Police report rock thrown through window in latest antisemitic hate crime

Another home displaying a sign in support of Israel became the scene of a hate crime investigation this week.

In a Facebook post Thursday evening, the Newton Police Department posted that someone had thrown a rock through a window on Botsford Road., adding that the home was displaying a sign declaring support for Israel.

“The homeowners were away on vacation when the crime occurred,” the post reads.

The crime was reported on Wednesday, but since the homeowners were away, it’s unclear when the crime occurred. According to the Police Department’s post, it could have happened any time between Feb. 14 and March 20.

“It is not known if this crime is connected to the previous incidents reported,” the post concludes, asking anyone with information to call the department.

This is the latest in a string of hate crimes reported targeting homes displaying support for Israelis. One of the incidents involved a large display of photos of Israeli hostages on Homer Street—including photos of Israeli children—spray-painted black and torn to shreds last weekend.

Miriam Kosowsky, who owns that Homer Street home with her husband, Jeff, said the vandalism felt especially violating because it meant hate had come to her home.

“What we’re afraid of is that it starts with the chants, the anti-Jewish and anti-Israel sayings, and now it’s going to property damage,” Kosowsky said on Sunday. “And we’re afraid soon it’s going to be physical violence.”

On Thursday night, Mayor Ruthanne Fuller sent out her weekly Friday email to the community, noting the recent increase in hate crimes.

“Newton Police continue their investigation of the premeditated destruction on private property of hostage posters and graffiti in front of a home along Homer Street that occurred overnight last Saturday, as well as two incidents of rocks thrown through windows displaying ‘Boston Strong. Israel Strong’ signs,” Fuller’s statement reads. “In addition, since late February, three signs on personal property that support Israel were reported stolen or defaced, according to Newton Police.”

Fuller also said that so far in 2024, there have been 12 hate crimes reported in Newton (almost twice that of last year at this time) and eight of those have been antisemitic. The remaining four hate crimes this year have involved anti-Black and anti-immigrant motive.