Newton police get a Taser upgrade

Newton Police Equipped with New Axon Enterprise Taser 10

The Newton Police Department has added a new tool to use in daily community policing: A high-tech Taser.

The department has started using the Axon Enterprise Taser 10, which is billed as a safer way to deescalate than previous models with less likelihood of injury to the user or the person being Tased.

“The TASER 10 will give our officers another tool to use when de-escalating a situation or stopping a threat,” the department wrote in a statement announcing the new taser. “It will greatly reduce the likelihood of both officers and subjects getting injured and lowers the chances of lethal force potentially being used.”

Tasers use an electrical charge to incapacitate the brain’s neuromuscular transmission for five seconds.

The name “Taser 10” refers to the device’s ability to store 10 cartridges in a single magazine.

Earlier this month, acting Chief George McMains underwent a test tasing.

“I along with many other supervisors have had the opportunity to experience first-hand what it feels like to be ‘tased,’” McMains said. “This allows officers to understand the effects of using the less lethal device and be confident it will help police stop or deescalate a threat before more lethal force is needed. We sincerely hope neither use of force is necessary, but it is reassuring to know we have options at our disposal to de-escalate any given situation.”