Newton North gymnastics team wins first-place at Bay State Conference

Newton North’s gymnastics team began the postseason by taking home a decisive first-place victory at the Bay State Conference meet, Saturday, Feb. 10. 

The team swept all four events and set a school record of 144.6 points, with sophomore Nika Jayanth earning all-around first place and Jayanth and freshman Simona Batista-Ciani named Bay State All-Stars.

Senior Eva Riesenberger, a captain, said the team was hoping to continue its streak after an undefeated regular season and brought a lot of energy to the meet.

“Everyone was super-hyped,” said Jayanth. “It was never quiet. Everyone was always cheering. It was super fun.”

The team worked hard in preparation for the meet by conditioning, drills and dressing in team spirit to get motivated, according to Riesenberger.  

“Everyone came in with a lot of energy,” said senior Daniella Clark, a captain. “Watching my teammates and being able to cheer everyone on was really exciting.”

The team has not won the Bay State conference since 2018, so this was the first victory for all members of the current team, which made the win more exciting, said Clark.

“It felt like we were in a movie,” said Riesenberger. “It was a very core memory, and I loved it so much. We kept on doing team huddles before every event to get the team motivated.” 

Clark said the team hopes to continue its success at the MIAA Sectionals meet on Saturday, Feb. 24.


Newton South High School

Basketball, Boys:

Lions 48 (7-7), Concord-Carlisle 41 (5-12)

Lions 58 (7-7), Chelmsford 47 (4-12)

Lions 58 (7-7), Westford Academy 45 (7-8)

Basketball, Girls:

Chelmsford 41 (11-6), Lions 27 (2-11)

Westford Academy 44 (4-11), Lions 30 (2-11)

Norwood 59 (13-4), Lions 26 (2-11)

Hockey, Boys:

Acton-Boxborough 1 (2-16), Lions 0 (0-12-1)

Waltham 3 (10-5-1), Lions 1 (0-12-1)

Tewksbury 9 (13-3), Lions 2 (0-12-1)

Boston Latin Academy 4 (5-7-3), Lions 4 (0-12-1)


Westford Academy 134.3 (6-0), Lions 124.4 (1-3)

With Ian Brenner winning first, Liam Sakakeeny coming in second, and Levin Brenner and Dashiell Martin finishing together in third, and fourth place, South’s boys’ Nordic ski team swept their Mass Bay Ski League race.

South’s girls’ Nordic ski team also had an impressive showing with Polina Kontorovich winning second, Charlotte Ottmer finishing in sixth, and Hannah Leese coming in eighth.

South girls’ swimming placed 6th at the Dual County League (DCL) championship meet. Sophomore Emma Minor swam a 1:05.48 in the 100 yard breaststroke to break the DCL record. South boys’ swimming placed 8th.

Newton North High School

Basketball, Boys:

Tigers: 43 (8-5), Wellesley: 40 (6-9)

Tigers: 38 (8-5), Needham: 36 (11-4)

Natick: 46 (13-3), Tigers: 45 (8-5)

Basketball, Girls

Wellesley: 51 (12-3), Tigers: 34 (7-6)

Needham: 57 (11-4), Tigers: 44 (7-6)

Tigers: 57 (7-6), Natick: 33 (4-10)

Hockey, Boys (5-6-1)


Tigers: 142.8 (5-0), Wellesley: 139.25 (7-1)

Tigers: (5-0), Natick: (2-1)

Tigers: 134.95 (5-0), Brookline: 111.45 (0-7)

Alpine Skiing:

Nordic Skiing, Boys (4th):

Mass Bay Ski League race: 4th

Nordic Skiing, Girls (6th): 

Mass Bay Ski League race: 5th

Swim and Dive, Boys (2-6)


Tigers: 48 (4-3-1), Walpole 26 (0-8)

Tigers: 39 (4-3-1), Brookline 39 (4-2-1)

Newton North and South Girls Hockey

Wellesley: 8 (5-6-3), Crush: 2 (3-10)

Milton: 6 (13-3), Crush: 1 (3-10)

Natick: 4 (10-5-1), Crush: 1 (3-10)