City, state seek public input on Newton Corner roadway redesign

The state is set to make roadway improvements to the notoriously busy Newton Corner, and Newton’s Planning Department wants public input before a final plan is picked.

On Oct. 24, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation hosted a presentation of, and public hearing for, a project to redesign Washington Street from Church Street to Centre Street, including parts of St. James Street near the I-90 onramps.

“The Newton Corner rotary is an unusual exchange in that the interstate ramp system is fully and directly integrated into the local roadway system,” MassDOT Project Manager Muazzez Reardon explained. “The area is in a dense urban commercial and residential environment.”

Eastbound traffic from the I-90 offramp, Reardon continued, often results in backups on I-90 as long as a mile, even on weekends, and that is a major safety concern for the Massachusetts Turnpike and Newton.

The MassDOT presentation included polls and a survey to give attendees a voice on which option best fits Newton.

Now, Newton’s Planning Department wants others to go fill out the survey and vote for the concept they like most. Results are accepted until Nov. 16 and will be shared with MassDOT and taken into consideration when the city and state move forward with the Newton Corner improvements.

“MassDOT will compile the results and work with their design engineer to advance solutions,” Newton’s Planning Department posted on Instagram over the weekend. “There will be additional opportunities for public input in 2024.”

You can watch the entire MassDOT presentation and public hearing on YouTube.

You can find the surveys and redesign concepts here.