Letter to the Editor: Juneteenth and trash collection

To the Editor,

Two years ago, I wrote to City Hall asking why Newton was treating Juneteenth differently from all other federal holidays?

For all other federal holidays trash collection is delayed a day. However, for Juneteenth life goes on as normal.  No delay in trash collection.  Clearly in the minds of city officials the Holiday doesn’t warrant the same treatment as all the others.

At the time I was given the excuse that it was down to the fact Newton’s contractor didn’t recognize the holiday, but they (Newton City Council) were working on it.  Two years on the situation hasn’t changed.

Isn’t it time Newton exerted a little pressure to get its contractors to recognize the holiday? Otherwise, every Juneteenth, Newton’s waste contractor is sending a message all across Newton the Juneteenth isn’t a real holiday.

With best wishes,

Richard Maddams

Newton Center