Letter to the Editor: Electrification needed to fight catastrophic climate change

To the editor,

My response to a letter by Jeffrey Pontiff:

Unchecked global warming will be catastrophic as the earth will become too hot and the percentage of breathable oxygen in the atmosphere too low for man to continue to exist on earth. The earth is getting close to the tipping point.  Man’s burning of fossil fuels to supply energy will cease for one of the following reasons:

a) Deriving energy from renewable sources (solar, wind, geothermal) becomes more economical than using fossil fuels.

b) The supply of fossil fuels runs out.

c) Everyone on earth is dead as a result of climate change.
It is important for Newton to require all new buildings (and major renovations) to be 100% electric.

Before moving several years ago to Newton to a relative’s house, I lived for 35 years in my all-electric home. It worked well as heat pumps are a more efficient way of heating a building than burning fossil fuels, and less dangerous than natural gas which can explode.

Michele Rallis, astronomer

Newton Centre